Music streaming with VLC Media Player


Playing your own music in world can be very nice and add personal ambience in your regions when wanted. While there are many ways to achieve this i show here a simple approach using the open source VLC Media Player that can be downloaded at . The following comments and screen captures are a quick and simple tutorial to achieve one task: have a music playlist streaming to your region. Please take note that i don’t pretend by any means to be an expert in media streaming but i share a simple procedure that worked well for me.

(PS : please forgive my english errors since i am natively french speaking but i am hopefully improving with time J…)

Note : before continuing you should port forward 8080 port on router (both tcp and udp protocols since you will need that). It can be another port number but default for VLC is 8080. Look at your router settings and make sure you have an open port that can be used for streaming.


After downloading and installing VLC start the program and go the Media/Open File menu, select your files and open these for importing into VLC :

2016-05-25 19-08-14


2016-05-25 19-08-53


Once files added we will make a VLC format playlist and save to computer :

2016-05-25 19-09-41


2016-05-25 19-10-35

(The playlist must be a VLC native .XSPF file type.)


Before streaming that playlist we will customize some playlist settings: make songs play randomly and never stopping until we close VLC.

Tool/Preferences :


Use radio button to show all settings and not only simple ones :


In Playlist section tick [Playfiles randomly forever] and [Repeat all] then [Save] button:


Go back to Playlist in VLC player (View/Playlist):


We will now stream the playlist with Media/Stream :

2016-05-25 19-17-01


Click [Add] button :

Select VLC playlist made earlier (.xspf file) :

2016-05-25 19-17-34


Click [Stream] at bottom :


Click [Next] on the wizard window :


Now specify the destination, which is [HTTP] in our case :


Click [Add] button :


In next window just click [Next] if you have port 8080 open in your router. If its not the case you will have to port forward 8080 (both TCP and UDP protocols) or another port number if you want :

See at your router settings and make sure you have port open before continuing. Leave Path section as it is.

(Streaming URL will use your IP adress and specified port number with the following syntax « http:// » + Your IP adress + « : » + Port number.)


Select your transcoding. Here we can choose [Audio-MP3] but there are other possibilities :


Click [Next] button :


Click [Stream] button :

(note : you can tick [Stream all elementary streams] if you want but it is not necessary)


You should see the Stream starting :

2016-05-25 19-21-59


You can reduce VLC window to systray; the server part is working and streaming on the web now.


You won’t ear music at that point. VLC server part is now streaming music on internet, like a web radio station. We now need to set our viewer to receive signal and play inworld.

In this example i use Firestorm viewer but the procedure is mainly the same with all viewers.


Go to World/Parcel Details :

2016-05-25 19-27-39


In Sound tab add Music url that way : « http:// » + Your IP adress + « : » + Port number 

2016-05-25 19-33-17

After done click on [+] button – Add music Stream URL to saved stream list

(ps : do not try url above, it won’t work since it is just an example)


Start audio stream and music should start after few seconds. You might need to toggle button but it should work.

2016-05-25 19-33-39


While you can have your stream url only it is also possible to add it into a radio among other stations :

2016-05-25 21-08-21


It is also possible to change the currently playing song if wanted by working in VLC streaming playlist; selecting a new track will update the stream after few seconds :


Feel free to explore all possibilities…and have fun with happy listening! J


Note : remember that streaming requires a high speed internet connection and gets more demanding as number of listeners increase. A home hosted region with a decent computer and internet speed should permit a streaming for 5-10 people simultaneously without problem and maybe more, but don’t expose and send your music URL to everyone in the metaverse (…), especially if you play good music and if you don’t have a dedicated streaming server(…)…Too many silmutaneous listeners will cause your streaming to lag and grab all your uploading worst case you can close port in router and use another one…